Every New Homeowner’s Turnover Guide

July 13, 2020

Everything you need to know before your property turnover – and about Avida’s new contactless virtual turnover process One thing needs to happen for every homeowner before they can call their new home truly their own: a turnover ceremony. A turnover simply refers to the process wherein the property is officially handed over to its rightful owner. Every turnover procedure is different from property to property, but they generally follow a consistent series of steps ending with the signing of the official documents. Some of these steps need a little advance knowledge; if you don’t go in knowing what to expect, you might miss something or otherwise fail to get the most out of the process. To help you out, here’s what you need to know—and check—before signing your turnover papers. Before the Turnover Requirements to Fulfill Before Turnover The following are the qualifications that you (the homeowner) will need to meet before the developer schedules the property turnover: Full Payment Deed of Absolute Sale Unit Readiness Pro Tip: Exercise due diligence and revisit your contract to read the fine print prior to scheduling the turnover date. Additionally, settle your payments early and keep all the necessary receipts to avoid turnover delays. Scheduling the Turnover The unit must be turned over within one month upon qualification for turnover. A Customer Relations Representative will get in touch with you for your preferred schedule. Note that there will be at least two (2) weeks’ lead time, to give the developer enough time to prepare the unit for your acceptance. Turnover can be accommodated from Mondays to Saturdays, 9 AM to 4 PM. One hour is allotted per client to ensure that proper guidance and assistance may be provided. On Turnover Day Inspecting the Unit and Other Available Amenities The turnover day offers you a great opportunity to thoroughly inspect the property and other available amenities, and ask any questions you may have to the Customer Relations Representative. The process may include checking the functionality of the lights, water fixtures, and the accessibility of declared amenities. Pro Tip: Prior to inspecting the unit, it is best to know the specifications and deliverables of your purchased property, so you know what to expect during the inspection. Signing the Turnover Documents After a thorough inspection of your property, you can now sign the turnover documents. The Turnover Associate will guide you in signing these and will provide you with the Welcome Kit, which includes the House Rules, Design and Construction Guidelines and other materials that will guide for your move-in. After the Turnover Easing into your New Home The Property Management will conduct a Welcome Home Program to orient you with the house rules and regulations, as well as provide other move-in requirements, so you can enjoy your new home to its fullest potential. This will also help to familiarize you not only with the unit, but also with the community of your purchased property. Easing into your New Community The community, where your property is located, is managed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) or Condominium Corporation (Condo Corp). They are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of all common areas like the clubhouse, swimming pool, and landscaped areas. The HOA/Condo Corp. charges a certain fee, also referred to as association dues, which shall be used for the regular upkeep of these amenities. Avida’s Virtual Turnover – a Contactless Handover Experience Amid the Pandemic The current situation has made the conventional turnover process less advisable. To keep everyone safe, Avida has initiated an alternative way that both adapts to the new normal and allows the turnover activity to take place, as the company continues to ensure that the safety and welfare of its customers remain as Avida’s topmost priority. Avida’s new Virtual Turnover – a contactless turnover experience – eliminates the on-site physical inspection, and conducts a real-time contactless turnover experience with you through a digital communication platform. You can rest assured that a Customer Relations Officer will still guide you every step of the way, from unit inspection up to signing of acceptance documents. Step one: Avida will send an email to confirm your virtual attendance on the turnover. After you send confirmation by providing your preferred date and time, a Customer Relations Officer will send the calendar invite guide for the Virtual Turnover Process. Step two: You will receive a calendar invite via Microsoft Teams containing your preferred date and time of turnover. Simply click “Accept”. Step three: On Virtual Turnover Day, you’ll log on to Microsoft Teams calendar, by simply clicking “Join”. This kicks off the virtual inspection and turnover of your unit. Avida’s Customer Relations Officer will give you a thorough virtual tour of your unit, as if you are actually there. Step four: You’ll seal the acceptance of your unit, by signing the turnover forms using Adobe Reader. This convenient e-signature platform allows you to fill and sign an electronic document. You can also sign and take a photo of the document using your mobile phone. Either way, you’ll need to send back the documents via email. Step five: During the Turnover Orientation, you’ll be shown a video containing everything you need to know about the turnover documents, and what to expect thereafter to complete your living experience. Step six: As the process ends, your feedback on the Turnover Process will be solicited through the Turnover Survey that will be sent to you. Your answers will help us improve Avida’s service for future customers. Step seven: You can claim your unit keys at the Administration Office: just present a valid ID and the originally signed Acceptance Documents. The Property Management Office will be glad to orient you with the move-in guidelines through their Welcome Home Program. For almost 30 years, Avida Land has ensured hassle-free turnovers for new homeowners. In an effort to adapt to the changing times, the company has reworked its turnover process into a simple, seamless, and safe transaction to serve you better. Visit Avida’s website to know more about its house and lot properties in diverse neighborhoods nationwide.

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Every New Homeowner’s Turnover Guide