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Spruce Up Your Family Home with These Simple Designer Tips

October 19, 2020

Create the family home of your dreams with these tips, and this Gussy-designed Avida house and lot as a starting point. By Nikki Ignacio The suburbs have long appealed to young families who largely feel drawn to new homes built in communities located at some distance from the city. A suburban lifestyle lets young families enjoy the best of both worlds: the conveniences offered by urban spaces, plus the comfort of a residential neighborhood. Both these factors make the suburbs an ideal environment for settling down and raising a family. The pandemic and ensuing lockdown have only underscored the suburbs’ key advantages: the presence of essential goods and services within easy reach, along with the comfort and privacy of having one’s own space. Avida Land’s Celine house-and-lot unit embodies the ideal suburban home sought by starter families in this “new normal”: spacious lot sizes encouraging healthy social distancing from neighbors; and bearing a cozy, welcoming, but modern coastal vibe, as conceptualized by Gussy (a sister brand of Empire Design) in collaboration with Avida. Let Gussy’s take on Celine inspire you to get started on a suburban home of your own – just remember these tips to steer you straight. Choose a workable canvas. Think of your home plans like you would any work of art – the canvas must have the right dimensions, in order for you to lay down your plans with ease. Avida homes were thoughtfully designed to give families the right amount of livable space to work, play, and thrive in the comfort of their home. The Celine model unit adds to the spacious indoors, with locally crafted design elements and warm interiors that give off that perfect beach vibe all year round. Plan your space based on your family’s needs and wants. Your blueprint must be designed with a balance of what your family needs and wants as a whole, and each family member’s individual requirements. Given the new normal, it’s best to make your plan adaptive to the changing times too – with spaces and décor that can easily be repurposed if your needs change. Section your space well. The work-from-home scenario looks like it’s going to stay, so having a dedicated work or study space is important. Designate areas where each family member can focus. These days, having a designated sanitation nook near the front door is important, too! Find other ways to maximize space. Explore ways on how you can make creative use of space. Try vertical storage ideas and dual-purpose furniture for extra functionality without sacrificing space. Storage doesn’t have to be just efficient; it can add an extra design oomph to your home, too. Consult a designer. To help make your dream plans come true, seek expert advice from an interior designer. Gussy has plenty of experience adapting Avida Land units (like Celine), so they’re the best source of expert advice on how you want to jazz up your Avida home. Gussy’s proprietary e-design platform, paired with the platform’s curated furniture and decor marketplace, helps homeowners shape the designer home they deserve. Visit their site to purchase an e-design package, shop for furniture and decor directly, or even download their GussyApp to style your space yourself. Feeling inspired? Visit the Avida 360 Showroom, and imagine how an Avida Land home will look with you and your family in it!

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Spruce Up Your Family Home with These Simple Designer Tips