8 Creative and Easy-to-Start Hobbies to Get Into

July 08, 2020

Don’t let the lockdown blues get to you. Have fun and learn a new skill with any of these pastime activities. By Sunshine Selga Funa You may be used to the lockdown by now, but that does not mean you don’t get bored. How can you break the monotony? If cooking or baking starts to get boring (after all, everybody’s doing it these days), you may want to get into any of these other affordable hobbies that will get your creative juices flowing. Container gardening Growing plants is a great way to bring the outdoors in, especially if you’re feeling too holed up from the lockdown. Cultivate your green thumb with YouTube tutorials from Planterina and Summer Rayne Oakes. Start with hard-to-kill plants like sansevieria, pencil cactus, pothos, and ZZ plant. Once you get the hang of it, go for more flamboyant greens like philodendron selloum, monstera deliciosa, fiddle-leaf fig, or rubber tree. Visit Spruce Plant Shop or Nest Plant Studio on Instagram. Their ornamental plants come in pretty pots that make for instant home décor (prices start at P400 plus shipping fee). For gardening supplies, check out CedarHills Garden Center. They also sell herbs like mint, basil, tarragon, and rosemary (for as low as P100 for three!) so you can start your own herb garden as well. Floral arrangement If you’d rather play around with dainty blooms, then floristry might be right up your alley. Gathered Creative Co., which does prop, food, and event styling, holds flower arrangement workshops at P3,500 per head. The fee includes lecture, demos, and materials that are delivered to your doorstep. Next time a special occasion comes along, you can arrange your own lovely bouquet for a more personal touch. Journaling Writing down your thoughts is a healthy practice. Keeping a journal polishes your writing and communication skills, sharpens your focus, and promotes good mental and emotional well-being—something everyone needs these days. Go the traditional pen-and-paper route with notebooks from Noteworthy. Or, go digital: try apps like Diarium (about P1,000) and Glimpses (about P650) for Windows or Day One (free; premium version costs about P150 per month) for Mac. Coffee brewing Can’t get your daily caffeine fix from your favorite coffee shop? Learn to brew your own cup at home. Start with the basics, like a French press or a manual pour-over brewer. Even that coffee maker that’s been gathering dust in your cupboard will do! Check out Commune’s Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on home-brewing workshops done online (workshop fee is less than P5,000). They also sell freshly ground beans sourced locally. Meanwhile, Blue Wonder Coffee has an extensive selection of manual coffee makers you can choose from. With just P3,000, you can have a mini café right in your own kitchen. Calligraphy Up your handwriting game with calligraphy. Learning different typefaces is both exciting and therapeutic, especially when you see those strokes and flourishes written by your own hand. There are a lot of free resources and tutorials on the Internet (check out these basics from Faber-Castell). You can also sign up for local workshops like those hosted by Creative Workshops MNL/Cafe Mithi and The Craft Central. For supplies like nibs, inks, calligraphy pens, and pads, visit Scribe, where you can get calligraphy pens for less than P100 each. Basic leather crafting Learn how to make simple leather goods when you sign up for Soul Flower, Co.’s basic leathercrafting workshop online for less than P4,000. Materials will be sent to your address, and you’ll get to know more about working with leather at the comfort and safety of your own home. Once you’ve mastered the basics and are itching for bigger projects, feel free to take leather bag-making classes. Who knows, perhaps this hobby might eventually turn into a small leather business. Reading books “Books are a uniquely portable magic,” says famous American author Stephen King. Poring over the pages takes you to fantastic places and adventures without having to leave your couch. Finishing a copy can be intimidating, but don’t be daunted. To start: pick one topic that really piques your interest. It can be fiction like fantasy, romance, adventure, mystery, or horror; or non-fiction, like biographies, history, or how-to’s. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you thoroughly enjoy what you’re reading. If not, don’t hesitate to put it down and pick another. Ask friends for recommendations, and you’ll soon have a substantial collection in no time. Biblio has hundreds of pre-loved books you can start with for less than P100. For a wide selection of new titles, head over to Fully Booked. Drawing Seeing your ideas come to life on paper is immensely satisfying, even if they’re just a bunch of casually sketched lines. Check out artist Robert Alejandro’s website and Instagram account for drawing workshops (some of them are free!). Then, put those drawing skills to practice next time you write on your journal. Don’t just binge on Netflix in between working from home and doing house chores. Get into one (or two) of these hobbies so you can beat that cabin fever. If you feel like a change of environment will do you good, don’t be afraid to explore your options.

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8 Creative and Easy-to-Start Hobbies to Get Into