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Filipino-Made Ornaments that will Brighten Your Christmas

December 17, 2020

Brighten up your home with any of these beautiful Christmas decorations - you'll also support local businesses at the same time! By Rhea Claire E. Madarang It’s Christmas season again! Given the pandemic, isn’t holiday cheer top on our wish lists? You can have all the seasonal joy you need, even while complying with COVID-19 safety protocols – as you brighten up your home with beautiful Christmas decorations, you can also support local businesses at the same time. Listed below are a few decoration ideas, designed and made with love by Filipino artisans, made using mostly native and sustainable materials. Celebrate Christmas by including these joyful items for this year’s festivities! Belen The belen resonates with us Filipinos, not just because of the baby Jesus and the predominant Roman Catholic religion in the Philippines, but also because the Holy Family reminds us of our culture that encourages close family ties. Having a creche at home doesn’t have to take up too much space, or cost too much. Papemelroti’s Belen in a Box designed by artist Robert Alejandro is perfect if you want just a small yet still striking belen in your house or condo. It’s affordable, too! For a bigger, though still compact belen, check out this nativity booklet made from capiz shells by NVC Foundation’s Artisan of Hope under ArteFino, a platform for Filipino artisans. Parol Another traditional Filipino decoration, the parol can be traced not just to the Star of Bethlehem but also to the popular belief that early Filipinos used parols to light their way to Simbang Gabi, or Dawn Mass. Make your home shine bright with parols made with capiz shells by Parol.ph! Christmas tree Now a staple in many Filipino homes, the Christmas tree is arguably the most easily noticeable holiday décor in homes. Here are some Christmas tree options made from natural, native, and sustainable materials: Frankie General Store, a store selling ethical and sustainable products from small-batch creators, have Christmas trees made from anahaw leaves. At 27 inches, these anahaw trees are not too short and not too tall! If you want just a small Christmas tree you can put on your table, try the Christmas trees made with abaca from The Green Minded Nomad. Their Christmas trees are as short as nine inches! Perfect for small spaces. Meanwhile, Rolyolikha based in Pila, Laguna has simple rattan Christmas trees you can decorate with bright ornaments. Christmas tree ornaments Adorn your Christmas tree with unique and beautiful ornaments! These can also be used for other parts of your home aside from the Christmas tree! Use colorful crocheted ornaments from Artefino; you can even go quirky with Santas in barongs and Filipiniana accessories by Tesoro Handicrafts. If you are feeling creative with your kids, you can even paint your Christmas tree ornaments with a ceramic Christmas paint set. To cap your Christmas tree decorating, try a rustic angel ornament topper by Frankie General Store. Wreaths, coasters, and other Christmas decors These may not be the usual Christmas decorations, but they can make your home more festive! Try colorful handmade wreaths from Frankie General Store for your door. You can also decorate your walls with Papemelroti’s wall art of words appropriate for the holiday season. And how about Christmas stockings for your wall, too? The holiday stockings from ANTHILL Fabric Gallery are made from sustainable local weaves. Meanwhile, give your dining table a pop of holiday colors with charming crocheted coasters handmade by local women artisans from Artebella Vintage Crafts! How about making your home smell like Christmas with candles with holiday scents from Bare Essentials Manila like “Christmas Morning” and “Holiday Jingle”? These locally made Christmas decorations are not just beautiful; they tell a story. Visit the pages of these small businesses and find out more about their creations and the people behind them. Any of these holiday decorations will surely look beautiful in your Avida home. Merry Christmas!

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Filipino-Made Ornaments that will Brighten Your Christmas