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How to Spruce Up Your Home with Plants and Where to Buy Them Online

September 09, 2020

With their decorative flair and therapeutic benefits, plants have become wildly popular amid the pandemic. We share some of the hottest online stores for all your plant care essentials. By Stephanie Olarte Lockdowns and quarantine measures may be temporarily limiting us from going outdoors, but these have unleashed a joyful, therapeutic new form of recreation: taking care of plants. Like wildfire, the love of indoor plants has spread all over the world, not only because it distracts people from their everyday worries, but also because it’s an easy way to spruce up the home. Those living alone can wake up with greater motivation each day, as they have plants that depend on them for watering and pruning. Wherever you come home to, be it a house or a condominium unit, simply adding plants can do wonders to create a relaxing aesthetic within. It’s no surprise that the color green has long been linked to feelings of peace and serenity; it’s a slice of nature that can automatically elevate the vibe no matter where it is placed. The Plant Parent Bug Celebrities and online influencers have not been spared from the “plantito” or “plantita” bug. Many of them have been livening up their homes with their choice of greens. Some of them have been plant mamas long before the pandemic, while others have just discovered the wonders of plant care. Take Solenn Heussaff, who took viewers through her plant-filled home on her YouTube channel. Plants have not just served as a decorative element in her home; they’ve also helped with the air and made a refreshing atmosphere possible. Self-confessed plant parent Aubrey Miles has had a green thumb for years. She’s so in love with plants that her Instagram feed is filled with plant unwrapping videos. She even calls her home an urban jungle now. The green revolution The spread of plant love goes to show just how much of a universal appeal there is in having these in the home, and how more and more people are turning to plant care as an enjoyable and sustainable tool for redecorating. With the surge in the demand, online plant stores have become wildly popular. These days, plant lovers can enjoy happily browsing for their new plant purchases on their laptops or on their phones, and receive their orders in just hours or days. Ready to level up your plant mom or dad game? Here are some online stores for all your plant care essentials. @shopleafph_ There’s a reason why over 58,000 plant lovers follow this store on Instagram. That’s because its website https://shopleaf.ph/ offers a wide selection, from small plants, to floor plants, trailing plants, and even herbs. It even sells plant “food” such as growth boosters, as well as plant stands, catch plates, and handmade pots. The site is beginner-friendly as it shares tips on caring for different plants and different clay pot colors. @gawanifemi Quirky, colorful, and cute, any plant parent will find it hard to resist this store’s adorable handpainted “potheads”. The small pots are made with cold-finish ceramics, featuring Femi’s creations. Femi, who calls herself a “crazy crafter”, draws on different faces on the small pots, taking inspiration from pop culture, celebrities, and just about anything she fancies at the moment. @spruceplantshop YouTuber and style influencer David Guison is a huge patron of this online store, which offers plant favorites such as succulents and more rare varieties. What also sets it apart from other stores are its “glam pots” with metallic geometric accents. It looks like the “green wave” will be here for a while, what with a fast-growing plant-lover community in the Philippines and globally. With so many stores popping up online, every plant parent can keep beautifying their home for a lush, nature-inspired feel.

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How to Spruce Up Your Home with Plants and Where to Buy Them Online