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Make Your Condo Fit Your Millennial Lifestyle Through These Designer Tips

October 16, 2020

Hard-working millennials deserve living spaces that tie in neatly with their lifestyle, exemplified by this Gussy-designed Avida condo unit. By Tanya Mariano Here’s the science: millennials are actually the hardest-working generation right now. And with everything on their plate, they deserve to have a living space that’s safe, functional, and flexible. This has become particularly urgent, as people are spending more time indoors because of the global pandemic. Whether you’ve taken the leap and now have a place to proudly call your own, or have been dreaming about taking that next step towards independent urban living – here are a few designer tips on how you can craft a home that lets you live the life you want in the “new normal.” Choose a unit that can keep up with your dynamic lifestyle A millennial with diverse passions deserves a space that’s flexible enough to adapt to changing needs. There has to be sufficient room for both work and play. And as we continue to grapple with a world restructured by COVID-19, it is also advisable to create a home that prioritizes the safety of its occupants. This 36-square-meter, one-bedroom Avida Land unit, for instance, has a thoughtfully designed floor plan and enough space for life’s many different moments. Whether you’re working on a report or practicing yoga, baking your first sourdough or just chilling on a Friday night, the living space can be easily configured and reconfigured to work for you. Mindfully design your home to reflect the things you value If connecting with nature is important to you, bring the outdoors inside and embrace your inner plantita / plantito. Plants not only make interiors cozier; caring for them also has many benefits. One study found that interacting with indoor plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress and promote feelings of comfort among young adults. Also, carefully curate the pieces you fill your home with. If you can, buy local in order to support Filipino craftsmanship and domestic industries. This also reduces your carbon footprint: the shorter the distance the item needs to travel to get to you, the better it is for the environment. Avida partnered with Gussy, a sister brand of Empire Design Studio, to design this home with an on-trend yet unpretentious mid-century modern aesthetic. It incorporates wood and metal finishes, a subdued palette of earth tones, statement pieces like sculptures, and a healthy dose of greens. All this is executed with clean lines and organic forms to create an overall look that’s classic, natural, cozy, and understated. Section the space wisely Configure your home to promote functional efficiency and ease of movement. A good way to start would be to identify your needs and allocate the space accordingly. If you’re working from home, create a workspace that’s designed to help you focus. Make sure that the bedroom is separate from the work area, and that it exudes a restful vibe. Carve out a space for recreation that suits exactly what you’re into. Look for inventive ways to maximize space Urban living usually means having to work within a compact space, but there are many creative ways to optimize. In this Avida unit, Gussy opted for a desk that has shelves above the work area in order to utilize what otherwise would’ve been unused vertical space. There are also benches and footstools that double as storage boxes. These dual-purpose furniture add functionality without taking up extra space. Consult an expert To really make the most of your space, don’t hesitate to ask a pro. Gussy has plenty of experience adapting Avida Land units, so they’re the best source of expert advice on how you want to jazz up your Avida condo. Gussy’s proprietary e-design platform, paired with the platform’s curated furniture and decor marketplace, helps homeowners shape the designer living space they deserve. Visit their website to purchase an e-design package, shop for furniture and decor directly, or even download their GussyApp to style your space yourself. Feeling inspired? Visit the Avida 360 Showroom, and imagine how you can live life to the fullest when you live in an Avida Land condominium.

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Make Your Condo Fit Your Millennial Lifestyle Through These Designer Tips