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Make Your Home Design More “You” in 2021

May 27, 2021

Check out these design trends to get ideas on which direction you can take your home improvement. By Nikki Ignacio Since it looks like we’re all going to be spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we might as well spruce up our space to make it more comfortable, more fun, and quite simply more “you”. If you’ve been seeing home improvement photos and news on your feed, take it as your inspiration and sign to start working on your own home. Check out these design trends to get ideas on which direction you can take your home improvement: For the plantitos and plantitas: Raw, natural accents We probably don’t need to tell you to get any more plants because your house is already full of them, but 2021 might be the year you can actually turn your home into a complete natural landscape! Go for a more natural look by replacing your plastic nook and crannies with more raw-looking materials like wood and rattan (ex. Halo Halo Store’s home accents) and fresh-smelling scents like Happy Island’s scented soy candles (Melon Cucumber and Pina Colada sound particularly fitting). Ready for next-level plant parenting? Add a minimalist terrarium to your collection. Check Terra Bomba or Plant Daddy for DIY and ready-made options. For the versatile: Modular and convertible items If you switch up your style a lot, don’t invest in big, heavy furniture. Instead, go for versatile and modular ones that you can easily size up or size down depending on your needs (check out Simply Modular’s shelves and storage). Improve your home’s IQ by getting smart appliances that can interact with your smartphone; you can get a lot out of your home just by adding intelligent devices like Google Home-compatible light bulbs and smart bathroom scales that give you your body fat composition and other essential information beyond your weight. Check out Digital Home PH for smart appliances you can install now in your home. For the new age tito/tita: Make it zen Who says you have to set up and pack up your yoga mat and incense after a yoga or meditation sesh? Turn your whole home into a zen space by embracing the minimalist look. Opt for lighter or monochromatic colors, and bring out and creatively display your semi-precious stone collection (where to buy semi-precious stones: The Mala Tree and Accessory Lab). For the no-nonsense busybody: Industrial touches If you’re the type who’s always busy and doesn’t have a lot of time for upkeep, invest in some minimalist, low-maintenance furniture that keeps your home looking clean and functional. Think exposed lightbulb fixtures, metal frames, and minimalist Scandinavian furniture (consider brands like West Elm, and, of course, Ikea). For the foodie: Multi-purpose cutlery The next time you buy cutlery and cooking/baking tools, make sure they’re cute enough to display too! This will save you the trouble of having to pack and stack them away if you cook and/or bake often since they’re already out on display. You can even use them as decor in other parts of the house aside from the kitchen (where to buy: Gourdo’s and Pottery Barn). There’s also the appliance du jour that’s all the buzz online: air fryers, or countertop convection ovens that mimics deep-frying food without the need for cooking oil. Imagine healthier French fries and fried chicken, without the frying part! Locally-available air fryers include those from Kyowa, Midea, and Tefal. What can be more “you” than an apartment unit that matches your budget and needs? Come home to a property to customize to your heart’s content: premium developers like Avida Land have decades of experience in the industry and a knack for building communities where would-be homeowners like yourself need them the most. Visit the Avida Land website today to discover their completed and ongoing development projects across the country.

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Make Your Home Design More “You” in 2021